What we do

We like to think that Formant offers something unique:

  • the highest quality design,
  • the responsiveness and value-for-money you would expect from a small specialist consultancy and
  • simple, clear communication.

Who we are

Formant was set up in 2018 by Paul Driscoll.  Paul has been working in the acoustics industry since 2005, leading acoustics teams on major projects for BDP Acoustics and Ramboll Acoustics.  Paul’s background as a musician and teacher provides a unique skillset to communicate intangible acoustic concepts in a clear and simple way.

Where we work

In short, anywhere.  We are based in South Wales, but have worked on UK projects from Penzance to Peterhead and international projects from Mauritius to Nepal.

How we work

Our clients have unique needs and our approach adapts to suit each individual project.  One of the first things we do on each and every project is to meet the client and develop an acoustic brief.  With all clients we work proactively and collaboratively.

Why we do it

We believe good acoustics is critical for the health and wellbeing of all people.  We get our kicks from things like the audience in a concert hall experiencing a wonderful sound; a client saving thousands on acoustic treatment that they didn’t need; or a patient in a hospital recovering more quickly due to reduced noise levels and better sleep.

Above all we do what we do to make a positive difference to the sound of the world around us.